Samsung TV Repairs

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Samsung has been delivering quality products over the past 70 years. They’ve revolutionised television by constantly keeping up to date with the latest in TV technology.

Their television ranges include LCD, LED and plasma models.

We repair all models of Samsung television makes and models, including their latest and their older brands.

Whatever the make or model, we’ll be able to assess the fault, and have it repaired so that you can go back to enjoying the quality TV viewing that Samsung is so well known for.

Samsung LED Televisions

Most LCDs make use of a cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) back-lighting. In the case of LED (Light Emiting Diode) televisions made by Samsung, they make use of LED back-lighting technology.

This means that they offer somewhat of an advantage over LCDs because they use less energy, there is a greater colour range, and there is a better contrast of brightness.

Below are a few LED models that we repair:

  • ES8000
  • ES7000
  • ES6800
  • ES6710
  • ES6540
  • ES6300
  • ES5500
  • ES5410
  • ES5400
  • ES5000
  • ES4000
  • EH5300
  • EH5000
  • EH4510
  • EH4500
  • EH4000
  • D5003
  • D4003

Samsung Plasma Televisions

These televisions offer a flat panel display. Small cells are utilized and these are more commonly known as fluorescent lamps.

The picture quality on plasma televisions is able to produce deeper shades of black, which allow for a much bigger contrast ratio. Viewing angles are wider than those of LCD, and are also less visible to motion blur.

We repair the following plasma models from Samsung:

  • ES6900
  • E8000
  • E6500
  • E550
  • E490
  • E450

Samsung LCD Televisions

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions are sets available in various large sizes. They are generally thinner to that of LEDs or plasma screens.

By far, the LCDs are the most widely manufactured and sold type of television display unit.
Our team of technical experts are also able to repair any Samsung LCD model, including the following makes:

  • D503
  • D403

Should you not find your Samsung television model in the above lists, and be in need of a repair, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly technicians. We repair all makes and models of Samsung television sets.

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