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As a TV repair company, we get asked hundreds of questions from our customer base on what the possible problem could be with their television set.

We couldn’t list all the questions that we’ve received, but we’ve outlined ten that are most frequently asked.

Let us know if your question isn’t on the list below and our helpful technicians will be more than willing to assist you with an answer.

Top 10 TV Repair FAQ’s

What TV makes do you repair?

We repair any TV model or make.

Should I have my TV fixed or do I need to buy a new one?

It depends on what the problem is. Our technicians will be able to assess the damage. Most of the time a TV set can be repaired without costing you too much money. It’s normally a simple fault that needs to be reconnected or reset.

I want to repair my TV at home. How can I do this?

We strongly urge against trying to fix your own TV. This is not only dangerous if you don’t have the proper skills, but you can create more damage than what was there before.

Why is it sometimes more costly to repair the fault?

Depending on the fault, our technicians will research the problem in order to provide speedy service. There is also an involvement of costs when we arrange for new parts.

How long will it take you to fix my TV?

We would need to assess the fault, but we are normally able to repair any problem and deliver it back to you within 10 days from the date of collection.

I’d like you to come to my home to fix my TV, can you do this?

At this stage, we do not provide home call outs. Our work stations are well-equipped with trained professionals to fix any television problem you may have. We also provide a collect and delivery service.

What are your repair guarantees should something go wrong after a repair?

We offer a 90 day guarantee after repairing your product. If something were to be faulty within that period, we will fix it for you – free of charge.

If my TV stops working, what are some quick checks I can do myself?

You can check the connections to see if there is a loose plug, or consult the instruction manual for your TV. If a problem persists, we are only a phone call away to quickly rectify your TV problem.

What would be the reason for a slight delay in fixing my TV?

Sometimes we will need to order parts for your TV set that might not be easily available. Depending on the make and model of your TV, it might take slightly longer to obtain quality and correct parts from our suppliers.

What’s the difference between an LCD and LED TV?

LCD television sets are slimmer. They also use fluorescent lamps, while the LED sets use Light Emitting Diodes (LED) at the back of their screens.

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