Can Flat Screen TVs be Repaired?

Imagine the following scenario…

You’ve just finished paying off your ‘new’ flat screen TV, and have settled in to enjoy a night of movies, or sport. Suddenly, and unexpectedly you find that you’re not able to switch on the television screen. Try as you may, nothing seems to work.

Flat Screen TV

Flat Screen TV

You’re not sure what to do, but you can’t afford to buy a new TV.

So, here’s the question you find yourself asking:

Can flat screen TVs be repaired?

The answer in short is – yes. Depending on the nature and the seriousness of the problem, it is indeed possible to fix a flat screen TV.

The most common problems arising from broken flat screens include:

Damage to the Screen

If the front glass section to your flat screen has been broken by an object – much the same way as a window breaking – it’s normally very easy to fix, and will cost you at most a couple of hundred pounds. If the damage goes beyond the glass section and into the pixel layers of the TV, it will be slightly more expensive to fix.

Electronics Damage

If your TV is damaged by a short circuit, there is a chance that your circuit board can be fixed by a TV repairman. It might be more costly as a specialty board may be needed as well. We would suggest investing in a surge protector to avoid this type of damage.

Damage to the Structure

This is probably the worst kind of damage that your TV can sustain. This type of damage can shatter the layer of glass of the screen, destroying the pixels. It can also crack the screen beyond repair and break the circuit board, especially if it was dropped from a substantial height – in which case, it wouldn’t be possible to repair the flat screen.

Buzzing Noises

This can be caused by component input cables that are incorrectly plugged into the speakers. Check with your manual that the correct colour components are inserted into the correct speaker. Sometimes, it is only a specific channel experiencing buzzing noises, and might not be a fault on your flat screen. Ensure to check a few different channels.

Remote Control Issues

If you are having problems with the remote control to your flat screen TV, start by taking out the batteries. Then hold down any button on the remote for twenty seconds, and insert the batteries. This often fixes any type of electrical glitch that you may experience.

Colour Issues

If you are having colour issues with your flat screen TV, these are normally easy to fix. Check that all the connections are properly plugged in, and check the settings manually on your TV. Contact your service provider if you are unable to diagnose the problem.

If your flat screen TV is damaged or broken, before you start shopping around for a new set, let us take a look at the faults and see if we are able to repair the damage. Most times, the fault is easily repairable.

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